UPDATE: Sally says: “Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and all the good wishes for my secondment at St Andrew’s. It’s been great being part of such a friendly and faithful church as St John’s and I look forward to seeing you all when I pop back on Sundays off or help out at the Rock Café.”

We are able to tell you that Sally is being seconded to the parish of North Swindon for the foreseeable future. Their vicar, Caroline Baston, left a little while ago and the parish is in vacancy. We expect Sally to start with them on Sunday 18th September. That means that her last Sunday Service with us will therefore be on Sunday 11th September.

I know that you will all join me in saying how much we will miss her. Over the last three years Sally has made a huge contribution to the life of the church. This year’s Passover Meal and the growth and development of Prayer Ministry are just two examples of her energy and spirituality.

North Swindon covers a huge geographical area of new housing. The congregations worship in St Andrew’s Blunsdon and services are also held in St Francis school, with which the parish has close links. We cannot say exactly how long Sally will be gone. However, it is safe to conclude that there is no chance of her singing the soprano line in this year’s Christmas choir. On recent experience we know that vacancies in Swindon can takes some time to fill.

Simon and Lucy will remain with us, to the great joy of the music group, the multi-media operators and the congregation at large.