Bishop EridardEver since he became a bishop, Eridard has been planning to provide pensions for the clergy in his diocese.

The result is a plan to build a large scale Business Centre, which will be let to businesses to generate income to provide pensions.  The aim is to build shops, offices an underground car park and a conference hall. The official Ground Breaking to start the building will be later this month.

Bishop Eridard has been pleased with the response to the Pension House Project. Parishioners  are keen to get involved “as they feel bad about seeing almost all retired church ministers retiring from grace to ‘grass’.”

This initiative is not just about the elderly who have already retired, but will provide pensions for clergy who are now young and have a lifetime of service ahead.

How much will it all cost? Money goes a very long way in Uganda, but this is a huge project. There are four phases, but the overall cost is somewhere in the area of 500 million Ugandan shillings.—or about £1,250,000.

For those who have been to Uganda, the proposed site is opposite the diocesan offices, not far from the main gates of the Luweero Guest House.

The Deanery will be thinking about how we can play a part in developing this project, but in the meantime do please keep praying about it.