For a number of reasons it looks as though we may have to postpose some of the Beyond Sunday Initiative. You will hear more about that when we restart in September.

However we are keen to go ahead with two issues which inevitably affect many members of the congregation. “How to develop a strong marriage relationship” and “Parenting”.

We plan to use the HTB Marriage Course. This is not for people who are about to get married. Nor is it for people whose marriages are in trouble.

It is a course designed to help us all understand better how to build a strong foundation, how to forgive, how to handle conflict and how to be happier in marriage.

The Marriage Course is led by Nicky and Sila Lee and is aimed at any married couple wishing to build a strong and lasting relationship. Each couple’s privacy is respected as there is no group discussion and no requirement to disclose anything about their relationship to anyone else. The course, while based on Christian principles, is very helpful for any couple with or without a Christian faith or church background. Those who have done the course at HTB have been together for as little as four months and in one case for no less than 44 years. We all have something to learn.

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