Intercessors Needed

Leading the prayers in church is an important part of our worship. No less than four members of our church had to step down from that role since the summer. So we begin the new rota with a number of… Read more

Booking Church Rooms

To book church rooms please either speak to Catherine at the Parish Office. If you book church rooms directly in the church diary in the office, please book out the time slot within the appropriate room column. The diary now… Read more


We received this week, a request from a group aiming to set up a Chaplaincy for Swindon law courts. “The purpose of the chaplaincy is to provide support and help to all people who, for whatever reason, use either the… Read more


Hebrews is a book without an introduction. There is no indication that it is, in fact, a letter. Some people think it was originally a sermon. Others prefer to call it an essay. But in places it feels very much… Read more