What do those letters stand for? They stand for the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Who comes to it? Anyone who is on the church electoral roll may both attend and vote at the meeting. Do we have to have one?… Read more

New Homegroup Material

Phil Cooke writes: “What Christians need right now is confidence. In societies that stridently question the teaching of the Bible, Christians have lost heart. We are cowed into fearful silence. Christians can be confident that our faith stands on solid… Read more

Craft Club Update

We continue to meet every Wednesday 1-3pm to share craft projects, tea and coffee in the church room. If you know someone local (whether attending St John’s or not) who would enjoy this social and craft time, please invite them… Read more


The APCM will take place on Monday, 24th April. That is the first Monday after the Easter holidays. We will be able to bring you the latest news about the parish boundaries and what that might involve. It is also… Read more

Swindon Foodbank

Last Friday we had a conversation with Swindon Foodbank. They are keen to establish a new distribution centre in the North of Swindon and were wondering whether we felt able to fulfill that role. Once we had established that storage… Read more

Rock Café

The Rock Café will soon be in need of someone to chair it. Viv will be stepping down from that role at the end of May and we will need someone in place by then if we are to continue…. Read more

Easter Is Coming Up

The Good Friday Walk of Witness This remains a very popular activity for the local churches on Good Friday. This year we will gather at St. Andrews Church on Moredon Road (SN25 3DF) for a 10am start. We will then… Read more

African Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

We have invited retiring offerings for this appeal on the last three Sundays and the total, received so far, is £1,408.49 (£1,714.36 including gift-aid tax to be recovered). At the meeting on Monday, PCC unanimously agreed to match these donations from… Read more

Summer Open Day and Barbecue

Summer Open Day and Barbecue – Saturday 15th July St John’s is hosting an afternoon event on 15th July to invite lots of people who are not part of the congregation to visit the church, so they can find out… Read more

Rock Café Placeholder

Chair of the Rock Café

Viv is going to be giving up the role of Chair of the Rock Café from the end of May. We thank Viv for her leadership, vision and hard work. Viv helped to introduce number of important changes last September… Read more