Big Thanks to Craft Club

Our Craft Club members deserve a mention in dispatches. This year they have kindly offered to wrap up the presents for Santa to take to the Seniors’ Christmas Lunch. In addition, they plan to assemble the Christingles for the service… Read more

Homeless Man

The Filling Station

Is a charity which feeds the hungry on the streets of Swindon. Its objective is: “the relief of poverty by the provision of food, basic provisions and other materials needs”. The Filling Station is entirely staffed by volunteers and St… Read more

Buying Christmas presents online?

Don’t forget, when doing your online Christmas shopping, that many websites (including Amazon) will give a donation to St. John’s if you go in through stjohnshaydonwick Please visit the website for more details – it’s very easy to do… Read more

Christingle Making

St John’s Craft Club will be holding an extra meeting on Saturday December 9th 1-4pm to make up the Christingle oranges ready for the Christingle service the next day. If you’d like to join us, put it in your diary and join us… Read more

The Jar of Grace Evolves

Over the years e have given thousands of pounds to Tear Fund and Uganda through the Jar of Grace. However internet banking and contactless credit cards mean that people don’t use cash so much. Last year, we the Smartphone of… Read more

Children's Christmas Choir

We did it! St John’s Church Kid’s Choir has officially started. We were so proud of the children’s efforts (and thank you parents for supporting them!). We weren’t sure what to expect but at the end of the session they… Read more

Communion Table Back Again

When we brought in a new baptistery/communion table, we said that we would give people a few months to get used to seeing it and using it. We planned to restore the original table to its place on the dais… Read more

The Real Advent Calendar

It flew off the shelves two weeks ago. So we have ordered a further 36. You get the full Christmas story appearing behind the windows – as well as free-trade chocolate and an accompanying story-book for children. Just pick up… Read more