Thy Kingdom Come Praying with Bible

Thy Kingdom Come

Last week we gave everyone in church a present. If you missed it, you can pick yours up this week. It is all part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Global Prayer Initiative called “Thy Kingdom Come.” He is asking individuals… Read more

Christmas is Coming!!

Well – it pays to be organised! For many years Sharon, Mary and Carol have organised the Senior’s Christmas Lunch, with the aid of a large number of helpers on the day. It takes place in the Haydon Centre, and… Read more

Giving Blood

You can give blood in the Church of Christ the Servant Abbey Meads on Monday 29th May from 10.30 am -3pm. The service is urgently seeking new donors in this area. The pressure of life makes in increasingly hard to… Read more

Willows Counselling

Each year divide our giving into seven slices. Technically that means four big slices and four half slices. Willows is already included as one of the four half slices. There is a lot going on. Willows is currently engaged in… Read more

Election Updates

How can I be better informed? Details are coming in of hustings event at St Barnabas Church on Friday 2nd June which is being organised by Revd Steve Henderson, chaplain at GWH. At the equivalent meeting for South Swindon, doors… Read more

Thy Kingdom Come

The Archbishop of Canterbury is encouraging Christians of all denominations to #Pledge2Pray as part of a global prayer movement called Thy Kingdom Come. In a video we shall see on Sunday, the Archbishop talks about his faith, why he’s a… Read more

Craft Club

The St John’s Craft Club is going strong with some serious knitting and crocheting being done on Wednesdays. This is a chance to chat and be creative. But the Sanyu Babies Home will also benefit from blankets made. Ugandans love… Read more

Car Park

Our Finance, Fabric and Governance Sub-team has been doing a lot of thinking about the car park. It is in bad shape even after a very dry winter and spring. In the dark and in the wet it can be… Read more

Friends 1st

I first heard from Katharine in 1999. She had just started a brand new organisation for single Christians called friends1st. Since then thousands of people have contacted her agency. She is delighted that 200 of them have been brought together… Read more

New Bishop

The long process of choosing the new Bishop of Bristol begins in May. This does not mean that Bishop Mike has left. He is here until September. His final service of celebration takes place in Bristol cathedral on Sept 17th…. Read more